What is Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)?


Sudden infant death syndrome is a death that is not explainable. It occurs in infants during sleep. However, it can also happen when the baby is awake. This is in sporadic cases. SIDS is not explainable because the baby looks and seems healthy. No one knows the exact reason for this death It is also very unfortunate that it has no signs or warnings. Parents find most children in the same position. Infants become drowsy before it happens. They also breastfeed very little in comparison to other times.

Factors for the cause of SIDS.

An infant sleeping.

Some factors expose babies to SIDS. These factors are different from child to child. Some of the natural factors include:

  • A weak brain. If the brain does not mature properly, infants may have problems breathing.
  • A premature birth. Some babies are born before the expected delivery time. This increases the possibility of a weak brain. Therefore t affects the heart rate and leads to SIDS.
  • Infections. Some infections especially from the environment lead to SIDS. A cold makes a baby not breathe well.

How you put the baby to sleep is very important. Some of the sleep factors that bring Sudden infant death syndrome are:

  • If a person puts the baby to sleep on their side or on the stomach, they have more trouble sleeping.
  • If we put the baby to sleep in a soft place for instance a soft mattress. This hinders the infant from breathing.
  • Parents who sleep in the same beds as infants.

Infants who are at higher risk of SIDS are;

  • Boys in comparison to girls. No one understands this reason.
  • If there is a family history of an infant who has died of SIDS.
  • Premature deliveries.
  • When the infant lives with people who smoke cigarettes or tobacco.
  • When a pregnant mother abuses drugs and drinks alcohol.
  • Infants are more prone to SIDS when they are so young. This is about two to five months.

How can we prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

Parents prevent SIDS by:

  • Laying the baby to sleep on their backs and not stomachs.
  • Remove toys and pillows from the bed. Toys halt breathing.
  • Do not tuck the baby’s head with a blanket.
  • Parents should sleep in the same room as the infants. However, not have the same beds.
  • Give the infants a pacifier when they sleep.
  • Do not put the baby to sleep in a hot place. A warm place is enough.
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