Caesarian Section in relation to normal birth?

Caesarean section.

The caesarian section refers to the procedure of surgical procedures that are done in order to bring a fetus into the world. It involves cutting the abdomen right to the uterus for the baby to be born safely without having birth complications.

It is mostly done for mothers who are at high risk of blood pressure during their pregnancy period. It is suggested by the doctor to mothers who have their babies in breech position. Most babies born prematurely are born through that section way.

Risks of the Caesarian Section procedure.

  • One is prone to wound infections after surgical procedures. If not well taken care of by cleaning, some bacteria will thrive in the wound area.
  • Most patients go through hemorrhage issues as a result of the wound tends to heal.
  • Patients have increased risks for their future planned pregnancies as most cant deliver in the normal way and also might have a recommended specific maximum number.
  • Some patients experience blood clots depending on how severe the bleeding was.
  • There are those who react to the anesthesia by failing to wake up on time and this results in a state of confusion for them in the future.

Normal Birth.

Normal delivery.

This refers to a mode of delivery of a fetus through uterus contractions(labor pains). Its the most recommended method by most doctors as the labor is induced naturally by the infant. It is also known as Vaginal Birth.

Risks associated with Normal Birth.

  • Water may break earlier than expected resulting in some complications when the baby is born.
  • During birth, a lot of blood is lost and this may result in low blood levels in the patient.
  • In instances where a child may experience abnormal heart rate as a result of a delayed birth process.
  • There are cases where a child may be born with a tight umbilical cord around the neck and may have difficulties breathing and this might lead to death due to suffocation.
  • The person who can advise well on the mode of delivery is a doctor where antenatal clinics are attended by the said mother to be of the unborn baby.

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