How to create a Facebook page for business.

facebook business page.

To create a Facebook page for the business you need to have a Facebook account that contains a profile where you connect with friends and families as well as send and accept friend requests. The Facebook profile does not contain any business metrics.

Facebook For Business

The Facebook business page is only for businesses where one can only create it from the existing Facebook profile. Therefore, the Facebook business page contains information about the business where people can like and follow your business. Additionally, the Facebook business page has a lot of business metrics used to measure how well your business is growing. Sometimes small business owners are concerned that people will know they own a business on Facebook. The simple fact is that unless you invite people personally to like your page. the details of the Facebook page owner are usually not shown anywhere on the Facebook business page.

Creating a Facebook Page.

Facebook business page image.

The most effective way of creating a Facebook page is by following the steps below;

  1. Update your Facebook app through the play store or app store in order to get the best performance and the updated version.
  2. Go to the menu button and tap the icon
  3. Tap on the icon written “your pages” indicated by a flag
  4. After opening the pages, there is an icon at the top written” create” click the icon.
  5. Create a new page and write the name of your business.
  6. name the category of your business.
  7. Add the address of the business.
  8. Add the profile and cover photo for your business page.
  9. Click done.

Facebook page manager app

However, the business page manager app aids small business owners. Mainly, some of them are involved in more than one business. Thus, the Facebook manager app ensures effective management of the businesses on different pages. Most Importantly, one needs to install the Facebook page manager app on the same phone where one has created the business pages on Facebook.

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