How does Ketogenic Diet Work? Pros, and Cons

Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet is a diet containing more fats and low-carbohydrates/sugars quantities in one serving. The breaking down of fats forms molecules also known as ketones. After breaking these molecules, blood circulation occurs and mixes with the molecules and this becomes the main energy source of body cells. However, the diet is mostly for patients with epilepsy condition. In addition, some people suffering from lifestyle diseases are at risk when on the ketogenic diet. They include;

  • Expectant mothers or those breastfeeding.
  • Patients suffering from liver and pancreas diseases.
  • Patients who have had gallbladder surgery in the past.
  • Moreover, those suffering from type 1 diabetes.
  • Patients with serious heart conditions.
  • Those suffering from kidney problems.


Ketogenic Diet plan
Ketogenic Diet plan
  • Fatty dairy products including cream and butter. These food are not harmful when the intake is daily. Little carbohydrates from dairy products contain linoleic acid essential for losing fat.
  • Salmon lowers the levels of insulin improving the sensitivity of overweight individuals. In addition more oily fish, for example, sardines also highly contribute to this. Baking or roasting is better in preparation.
  • Avocados are a great source of calcium, magnesium, Potassium, and B vitamins. In addition, they are naturally healthy with low carb percentages.
  • Chicken is an animal protein with no carbs. However, the protein content is too high. The serving of the chicken is by baking or air frying.
  • Coconut oil also serves well in replacing vegetable oil. It is purely fats and best cooks meals such as fries and eggs. In the absence of coconut oil, olive oil is the best replacement.
  • Nuts and seeds which has high in fats and proteins are also effective in digestion.
  • Fruits with low-carb content such as berries and high fiber content. They help in filling you for long periods and easing the digestion of other foods. A good example is some strawberries and mixed berries.
  • Cream and butter which has high-fat content and low protein levels. Adding cream or butter to coffee, smoothie, frying, cooking fish, and meat preparation is very effective.

Pros of Ketogenic Diet

  • It is an effective weight loss method for those struggling with much weight gain.
  • Enhances clear skin by eliminating acne, especially on the face.
  • It’s a great exercise on ensuring great brain function.
  • Reduces the seizure occurrence to those suffering from it.
  • In addition, the risk of getting some cancers is lower.

Cons of Ketogenic Diet

  • High chances of getting a deficiency in somebody’s nutrient. This means the general health is at risk, especially on vitamins leading to a high risk of contracting diseases.
  • Stomach upset, high fatigue, and dizziness often occur during the initial stages. These conditions are often known as Flu-like symptoms.
  • In addition, individuals on the keto diet often suffer from constipation due to low fiber intake. Fiber is essential during digestion and in maintaining a regular and consistent bowel.
  • There is a risk of high cholesterol due to high intake. This may lead to obesity in some individuals. Heart disease may attack some people too.
  • The diet is very expensive and not affordable for everyone. This makes the routine shaky and not consistent leading to unpleasing results.
  • The ketogenic diet process does not last forever hence not a good option for individuals looking for long-lasting solutions.
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