Giraffe Centre In Nairobi. Park Entry Fees?

Giraffe Centre

The Giraffe Centre is along Lang’ata road in Nairobi county. From Nairobi town to the place, the distance is about 20km. This place house giraffes and other wild animals. However, giraffes at this park are for protection against human attack leading to extinction. These are the only surviving giraffes in East African grassland. In addition, warthogs also occupy some parts of the giraffe centre. Most tourists and children often go to Giraffe Centers to feed the giraffes and appreciate wildlife in general. The place exists since 1979 after founding the late Jock Leslie-Melville. It is his dedication to saving the giraffe species that led to this. He is not only British but also a Kenyan Citizen.

Giraffe Centre Entry Fees

Giraffe Centre has a package for each member depending on their citizenship;

  • Resident adults pay a fee of Ksh 400. Children of Kenyan residents pay a fee of 200.
  • Non-resident individuals pay a fee of Ksh 1500.
  • Non-resident children pay a fee of Ksh 750.

What is the Best Time to Visit Giraffe Centre?

GiraffeCentre is open every day to everyone both of Kenyan origin and non-citizens. However, the time of operation is between 9 a.m to 5 p.m

Fun Activities at Giraffe Centre.

Feeding Giraffes.

Giraffe Centre image

Being the place where endangered species are, these animals need to eat. Food is available in the area where a guide instructs someone on feeding them. One can always pose for a photo for memories. They feed on pellets and some leaves from tall plants. In addition, giraffes have the longest necks. They also feed on climbers.

Wildlife Viewing.

At the Giraffe Centre, warthogs roam around the area. They are part of the giraffe community and feed on the grasslands too. Professional guides and game wardens always guide through the area as a way of being cautious. In addition, these people understand well what these animals need in terms of treatment.

Learning about Environmental Conservation.

Both children and adults are taught ways of conserving the environment without harming anyone. In addition, children also get to learn how they should not involves themselves in wildlife theft. However, this has to be done in a manner that is not causing fear and lack of trust in them.

Visiting Giraffe Centre is a way of making new friends and learning about new cultures existing around us.

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