Bomas of Kenya cultural center
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Where is Bomas of Kenya, the owner, Activities?

Bomas of Kenya is along Lang’ata road where the lifestyle, culture, and art of different tribes in Kenya are celebrated. The place has a large display of traditional villages of several Kenyan tribes. This place hosts the largest auditorium in […]

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Ol Pejeta Conservancy, activities, Entry.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy has the big 5 animals in Kenya. This conservancy is in Laikipia county on the western side of the equator in Nanyuki. Ol Pejeta is between Aberdares mountain and Mount Kenya. However, it is the home of […]

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Simba Hills National R. activities, entrance.

Simba hills are among the largest forests in the coastal region of East Africa. The leading forest in East Africa is Arabuko-Sokoke in Malindi. Shimba Hills is in Kwale County. The reserve consists of coastal rainforest, woodland, and grassland. Some […]

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Giraffe Centre In Nairobi. Park Entry Fees?

The Giraffe Centre is along Lang’ata road in Nairobi county. From Nairobi town to the place, the distance is about 20km. This place house giraffes and other wild animals. However, giraffes at this park are for protection against human attack […]

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Where is Meru National Park? Fee, Activities?

Meru National Park is on the East side of Meru from Nairobi. The park has been in existence since 1966. Few people visit the park and this makes the place a rare place for pollution happening. The equator also passes […]

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Where is Mt. Kenya National Park? activities.

Mt. Kenya National Park is in Mt Kenya which stands as the second tallest mountain in Africa. The mountain is an extinct volcano. The park is near water bodies such as lakes, glaciers, natural springs, and falls. In addition, the […]

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Where is Nairobi National Park? Park Entry Fee?

Nairobi National Park is on the outskirts of Nairobi’s central business district, 8km on Nairobi’s south. This was the first National park in Kenya in 1946. The park is accessible either by public transport or private means. Public transport is […]

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Lake Nakuru National Park, Activities, Charges

Lake Nakuru National Park is in Nakuru County in the Great Rift valley. There are possible different routes to accessing the location. The first route is from Nairobi/ Meru Highway passing through Limuru road on Northern Bypass. The other way […]

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A list of the best Nanyuki tourist sites.

Nanyuki is one of the major tourist attraction towns in Kenya. It is in Laikipia County. The town is well known for the ranches as well as a wildlife conservancy center. Game parks are also quite a number in this […]

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