Best places to go for ziplining in Kenya
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Best Places To Go For Ziplining In Kenya.

Ziplining is the activity of sliding down a stretched rope/cable wire that is between two different heights over a distance through suspended equipment, a pulley, or even handle. Therefore, the most preferred locations for the adrenaline rush brought about by […]

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List of Amazing Vacation Spots in Kenya.

There is a list of amazing vacation spots in Kenya, in exotic locations, quiet beaches, laid back atmosphere, and a glorious sunset. Below are some of the amazing vacation spots. Jambo Impala Eco Lodge. This is a luxury guest house. […]

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Best Places That People Don’t Know About.

There are different places in the world that people don’t know about. Here are some places that we are going to talk over about, the different places that you don’t know about are: 1.Island Of The Dolls In Mexico. A […]

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Tourist Attraction sites in Mombasa County, Kenya.

There are several tourist attraction sites in Mombasa County. Mombasa is a coastal city in Southern Kenya. Moreover, it rank as the country’s oldest and second largest city. The Island is linked to its mainland municipal territory of 100 Square. […]

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Tourist attraction sites in Lamu County, Kenya.

There are several tourist attraction sites in Lamu county. Lamu is along the Northern coast of Kenya. It also borders three counties, namely; Tana River County, Garissa, and Somalia. 1. Lamu Old Town tourist attraction site in Lamu. It retains […]

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Best hotels in Kirinyaga county.

There are several best hotels in Kirinyaga county for visitors. Kirinyaga county is number 20 on the list of counties in Kenya. The county is located in the former Central Province of Kenya. The main economic activity in the county […]

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Top Kirinyaga County Tourist Sites.

Kirinyaga county boasts of several popular tourist sites. It is among the five counties located in the former Central region of Kenya. Kirinyaga boarders Embu, Nyeri, Muranga, and Machakos counties. The people of Kirinyaga county are of Bantu origin and […]

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