How to know a Narcissist, Character Trait

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A Narcissist is a person who highly praises their own ideas and behaviors. Narcissists do not have the interest of others at heart. Some character traits that will always warn you about the narcissistic nature of a person are as follows;

1. Being Irresponsible in Narcissists

Narcissists do not take charge of the things they do. They always blame others for their own mistakes. It is hard for them to accept that they were wrong in any way.

2. Perfectionists as a sign of a narcissist

A perfectionist is a person who always approves of their own achievement by overpraising themselves. Therefore, they always highly brag about how good they are at doing things without minding what others have done.

3. Lack of Anger Control Skill

Anger Control Skill is whereby, a person cant have self-control when someone does something they are not pleased with. So, narcissists always end up even causing chaos through fights and causing harm through their brutality and violence.

4. Attention Seeking.

Narcissist traits
Narcissist traits

These people will always want to be noticed at any place they step in. They act too friendly even in new places where no one knows them and try fitting in by making themselves popular. Also, they can seek attention from everyone by being active in every organized work even where not assigned.

5. Entitlement and Validation Seeker

However, there is an entitlement that comes with them, as they always wish to have everyone know of what they did and wait to be highly praised. They often feel sad when people don’t highly recognize the efforts they put into a certain project.

6. No Boundary Measures.

Boundary measures are whereby one knows the links or measures put in place when it comes to certain things or relationships. Also, these people do not have these thoughts and will even miss both work and personal relationships causing a lot of harm to several individuals.

7. Overpossesion

They are people who will always complain when someone does things against their wishes. Moreover, they will always want to state how things should be done and followed and take charge and control.

8. Have a few Long Term Friends.

You will rarely find long-term friends with these people, especially during major events and hangouts. This is because these people always order others around in doing things.

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