What are the Best course and career ideas?

best course and career ideas

The best course and careers in the current Millenium depend on one’s interest in learning and knowing more of what they are interested in. In the current Millenium, lifestyle changes have taken effect and a few things can be visible from things around us. The following are some of the best courses for your future career in Kenya in current times;

Nursing course

This involves being a caregiver in both the hospital setup and the community. One can specialize in areas they would be interested in and make a living out of it while offering the best help to members of society.

Information and Technology.

Different best course and careers

This involves the use of current emerging applications that are currently used in both businesses and organizations at large. This can be either a course in Computer Science, Telecommunication science, or Programming among others. This however will require one to be well equipped with electronic gadgets that are used both in classwork and fieldwork during practice.

Teaching Course

Being equipped with teaching skills is very important in the current and present life. One can use the teaching skill by either becoming an online tutor or a face-to-face tutor. Some people prefer online classes while others prefer face-to-face which is also dependent on their occupation. One can start their education center with a recognized certificate from a learning institution.

Beauty and Fashion course.

Beauty has become one of the most required skills in the current century. This involves skills such as hair braiding, weaving, and Makeup artist among others. Most renowned people are trending in unique clothes and outfits that professionals have designed. A certificate in beauty and fashion would add an extra coin to the table.

Tourism and Hospitality.

Tourism has been among the top sources of revenue in the country of Kenya. Many people often spend their free time visiting new places and trying out new foods. They also get to learn more about different cultures and how they handle various situations.


New designs are coming up on new buildings in recent times. A person with architectural skills can help in drawing by coming up with unique house designs and models that will add more income to their lives.

Plumbing and Carpentry

Plumbing is recruiting skill in today’s world as a result of many upcoming buildings.

Carpentry involves the use of wood equipment to make furniture items and also for decor purposes.

Interior Design and Event Planning.

These two skills go hand in hand as most people would always wish to work with one person in making progress toward their desired outcome. Most events that require this type of skill include birthday events, engagements, and wedding events. Interior design requires one have great taste, especially in color matching with the stated code of the event.

If you have any of the above skills, then you are on the right track with the recent times. If not why don’t you make a decision of at least getting one of the above list courses?

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