Alcoholism Signs and Effect on Mental Health

Alcoholism in a man

Alcoholism is the state in which a person is always indulging in excessive drinking without having limits. These people always end up having mental and health issue as a result of these. This can happen to either young people of age 40 and below or even as much as those above 60 years. It is always important to talk to someone who is into too much drinking and get to know the reason as to why that happens. Some people suffer from family issues, losing a job or peer pressure.

Peer pressure mostly happen to young ages. They need to be active so that they are not involves in these bad behaviors. In addition to this, diseases are highly reduced.


A few factors that cause alcoholism are as follows;

  • loneliness
  • Idleness.
  • Grief and sorrow and there is no one to share out your problems with.
  • Joblessness.
  • Homelessness whereby eviction whereby they are chased away from their original home to seek refuge in the streets.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcoholism in female
  • Indulging in too much alcohol can cause depression symptoms such as loneliness, suicidal thoughts, and anger.
  • Alcoholism can cause psychosis which is the state in which the mind does not differentiate what is real and what hallucinations are.
  • Poor hygiene as the person is not self-motivating on good grooming.
  • People who are into too much alcohol tend to have trust issues with those around them as they think they will cause harm to them.
  • Alcohol abusers always prefer spending time alone and recognizing themselves as introverts is common.


  • Enroll in counseling sessions so that someone qualified as a therapist can guide you through changing your behaviors.
  • By use of oral medications such as Naltrexone which is an available drug that equalizes both the high feelings resulting from alcohol.
  • Being active in social programs in curbing idleness will bring alcohol drinking thoughts.
  • Sharing your problems through trusted friends without drinking so as to drive your sorrows away.
  • Have friends who are not into drinking most of their time.
  • Have in mind the repercussions of too much drinking.

Effect on Mental Health

  • Alcoholism is leading to anxiety problems such that a person will always be anxious about what might happen around them and the kind of harm to them.
  • In addition to this, it also contributes to bipolar disorder whereby a person can be at one moment and they will be sad the next moment. This generally affects the relationship of people around them.
  • Alcoholism leads to poor work results as absenteeism is recorded in large numbers and work done is not satisfactory.

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