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How to lose belly fat at home.

How to lose belly fat is a major problem that affects your self-esteem. There are several reasons that make you develop belly fat. Simple home remedies can help you lose this fat. Simple exercises such as aerobics, walking, stress management, […]

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Heroes’ Day (Mashujaa Day) in Kenya.

Heroes’ day (Mashujaa Day)in Kenya is celebrated on October 20. This is to remember all Kenyans who contributed to Kenya gaining her independence in 1963. The day was initially known as Kenyatta Day. It was named after the late first […]

Health and Beauty

Remedies pimples and dark spots

Pimples are types of acne that result from skin pores blockage of excess production of oil or sebum, cells of dead skin, and trapped bacteria on the skin. Acne is a condition of the skin that involves the oil glands […]

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Mass voter registration in Kenya 2021.

Kenya is set to begin a mass voter registration from Monday, October 4, 2021. The exercise aims at capturing new voters and facilitating voter transfer from one voting center or constituency. The election system in Kenya displays democracy. It also […]

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