The Most Profitable Business Ideas In School Area

Food business around school area

Self-employment is a profitable business opportunity for many people, especially the youths. In today’s generation, unemployment is on the rise. However, one can create their own job and get some coins from that. This is either on their own or by uniting with others. The reason why one should unite is to share their skills with others. In addition to this, you will make new friends for networking and sharing out different experiences.

Why Education Institutions?

Education institutions are always having traffic flow as students will be attending classes on a daily basis. This means that learning is continuous every day of the week. You are likely to see more income during the weekends as they handle their printing for assignments, and do more research. However, one is likely to experience a shortfall during the school holidays. This does not mean one should fully close down their business as there are students who go for the internship and remain there still. In addition to this, they even get some stocks in bulk as most are primarily available at night when most businesses have closed.

Some business ideas require less or no capital for start-up. Below is a list of several business ideas worth trying;

1. Hotel Business

Most hotel businesses will require capital to set up the premises. Such things include furniture, utensils, signposts indicating that it’s a hotel, sources of fire such as gas, Energy saving jikos, and firewood. The best foods to invest in students must be pocket-friendly budgets such as beans, rice, and ugali. It is a guarantee that more profits will be generated. You will also require a food handling certificate and a work permit to show a business is registered with the government.

2. Electronics Appliances

Electronics include mobile phones, chargers, bulbs, laptops, and Television sets. Most students invest in such materials for personal use reasons, especially for entertainment, education, or work assignment projects. A work permit shows that the business has a license to perform in the area.

3. Computer and Printing Cyber Cafes

Cyber business

These are the most used items, especially towards the end of the semester. Many students always print out notes that may be missing from their own records as they revise for their exams. You will need internet access, a few computers, a printing machine, and some printing papers.

4. Cereals.

Cereals include beans, green grams, rice, dry maize, millet, and sorghum among others. These cereals are the most fast-moving as students always prefer cereal as their best stew to other types of food. You will need to have a reliable supplier of cereals and a license from the relevant government authorities.

5.Fruit Vending business.

In this business, one needs to always have fresh fruits every morning and strategically located near a place where most students pass through daily. You will need a food handling certificate and ensure you observe a high level of cleanliness.

6. Salon and Barbershop.

Good grooming is paramount to students. Most students prefer to have hair made every month as well as shaving hair in order to look neat. Shaggy hairstyles are highly discouraged. You will need a shaving machine, buckets, dryers, clean towels, hair brushes, disinfectants, combs, and a blow dryer. You will also need a work permit to operate the business.

7. Fast food Business

Fast foods include fries, Hot dogs, fish, boiled eggs, smokies, and sausages. You will need a food handling certificate to operate this kind of business. It is recommended that you set the business near spaces where the student passes through most for example at the institution’s entrances and gates.

8. Books and Stationaries

Most students need exercise books and other stationaries during learning. This business is highly recommended at the onset of the semester. One can get them at wholesale prices and then resell them at a profit. The government requires one to have a permit to operate this kind of business.

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