Viral hepatitis
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What is Viral hepatitis, signs, and symptoms?

Viral Hepatitis refers to liver inflammation. Viral hepatitis is transferable from one person to another. Inflammation is the reaction of tissue from an injury which can result in pain and swelling. Types of viral hepatitis […]

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What is Norovirus, signs, and symptoms?

Norovirus is an infection that causes vomiting and diarrhea. It is commonly spread through contaminated food and water or contaminated surfaces. Norovirus can also be spread through close contact with an infected person. In most […]

Mumps in a child
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What are mumps, Causes, and Symptoms?

Mumps is an infection that affects the salivary glands. It causes swelling of one of the glands. Mumps outbreaks are common in the United States. These cases mostly occur in unvaccinated people in places such […]