What qualities do women look for in a man?

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What qualities do women look for in a man? Finding your person is not an easy task. However, sometimes it feels like the dating pool is filled with too many frogs and not nearly enough princesses.

Women are drawn to men based on attraction. Therefore, here are some of the qualities that help to establish a foundation to form a deeper connection and a relationship with a person:


It is difficult to build a relationship with someone who is closed off. For the partnership to happen, a man has to be willing to be vulnerable and he has to open his heart in order for that to happen.


This is the main one because it has three parts. It means Economically stable, Emotionally stable, and Relationally stable.

It means that you can count on him to be predictable, and reliable and that he is essentially someone you could rely on if you owned a home together with children.


If you ever felt less than or silenced in a relationship, it might be because your partner wasn’t treating you as their equal.

It used to be that women were unequal to men in every way, socially, economically, and emotionally. However, now women want to be seen as equals to men and not have to compete with men for dominance.


Qualities that women look for in a man

Relationships are more successful when Men allow themselves to be influenced by their partners.

Being open to being influenced means the man shows awareness of his partner’s emotional needs and responds to them.

Emotional Presence

That means someone who stays focused on the talker rather than looking at their cell phone or other distractions but this goes both ways. A woman should be emotionally present while her significant other is talking and she should expect him to do the same in return.


It’s important you feel like your partner is interested in you.

Couples should shift from judgment to curiosity. Instead of judging someone about their actions, you should be curious about them.


All women want to be with a person with who they feel safe the time. They want to say with you I feel safe

She doesn’t want to be defensive since when she’s around you she’s going to be okay.


If a man is trying to change you then he isn’t a man for you. Women looking for a man who is not assessing them and constantly trying to upgrade or improve them.

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