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Streptococcal infection, causes, and symptoms?

Streptococcal infection is caused by one of the many species of Streptococcus.  The gram-positive, sphere-shaped bacteria or coccal brings about several disorders. These include strep throat, pneumonia, wound, and bloodstream infections. Each group of these bacteria spread in different ways. For instance, […]

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How to get soft and smooth skin naturally.

Soft and smooth skin that is radiant is what everybody wishes to have. However, making visits to the skin doctor, who is the dermatologist makes you understand that is easier said than done. Again, those in the commercial business of […]

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Early signs of pregnancy and symptoms.

What are those early signs of pregnancy that you detect? A pregnancy happens after an ova and a sperm meet, bringing about conception. Thereafter, an embryo starts forming hence pregnancy. You get to know your pregnancy status after a test. […]

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Types of birth control methods, risks.

Birth control is a contraception method or any method of preventing yourself from conception or pregnancy. There are several control methods that are used. However, the forms are successful only when only used in the right way. Pregnancy can happen […]

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What is a brain AVM? causes, and symptoms.

A brain AVM (Arteriovenous malformation) is a tangle that happens to blood vessels, therefore, resulting in an abnormal artery-to-vein connection.  In a normal healthy person, the arteries carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the brain. Also, the veins carry […]

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What is Depo Provera, advantages, disadvantages?

Depo Provera is a contraceptive or family planning method in form of an injection. It contains progestogen. The progestogen is also the hormone that the body produces naturally in the ovaries. This injection is given every three months.  It works […]

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What are the main brain functions, and facts?

 The brain is an organ that is complex and it controls thinking, memory capability, emotional reactions, touch, motor skills, sight, inhaling and exhaling, body temperature, hunger, and many other processes. So, the brain and spinal cord, which extend from it, make […]

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