Where is Denali National Park and activities?

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Denali National Park was formed mainly for the protection of Dall sheep. It was formed in the year 1917 by congress and over time it was enlarged and which led to its more uses such as the safety of North America’s highest mountain. It also provided a safe environment for wild animals. Recently the highest number of people visit to view the mountain and wild animals.

The main connecting road is known as Denali park road, which people who want to have an experience in Denali use. However one needs to have an understanding of how the road functions to avoid inconvenience. The paved part of the road is 15 miles while the rest 77 miles are not. The paved section is the only part where private vehicles may drive that leads from the park’s main entrance to the savage river. During summer public service vehicles are allowed to transport people along the road. However, during winter the buses are not allowed due to snow.

Activities in Denali National park

Some of the activities found in Denali National park include:

  • Beautiful wildlife scenery- Where the people get to enjoy the view of wild animals such as bears, wolves, and caribou sheep. However, the wild animals have not been enclosed. Therefore the view is not the same compared to a zoo. Additionally, more time spent in Denali increases the chances of seeing more wildlife. The bird life is significant and the most common birds are gray jays, ravens, mew gulls, and ptarmigan.
  • Camping- This can be done either through a tent or a vehicle. The vehicles are not supposed to camp along roadsides but on open grounds. The camping fees differ and range between $19.25 -$39.75 per night. Fifty percent off is offered to the seniors and access holders of the pass.
  • Hiking- It involves two main methods which include trail and off-trail. Trail hiking has trails that are not long and are not far from the park entrance. Off-trail hiking is where no trails are involved. This idea brings different reactions among people where some are excited while others are confused.
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  • Bicycle riding- Cycling in the park needs specific attention, especially to the behavior of wild animals. The bicycle road most of the time has dust since there are no lanes for bicycle people. Cyclists are cautioned against encountering other road users such as buses and heavy equipment vehicles on the parts of the road. Additionally, there are some precautions that cyclists should take.

Precautions for cyclists in Denali

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