What is Colic in Babies, Symptoms, and Treatment?


Colic refers to a situation when a healthy baby cries for a long duration for no specific reason. This condition mostly affects children who are born up to the age of 3-4 months. The cries are continuous and irritating making the baby feel restless.

Symptoms of Colic in Babies.

  • Unending cries with the baby.
  • The baby passes a lot of gas.
  • A bloated stomach is noticed.
  • The baby’s fists are always clenched.
  • The back of the affected baby is always slanted when they are trying to find a comfortable sitting position and avoid the pains.
  • The face is always red or pinkish due to long hours of crying.

Causes of Colic in Babies.

Colic in a newborn.
  • Colic in babies can be a result of undigested foods which make them uncomfortable.
  • A newborn might be sensitive to breastmilk or formula milk
  • The baby might be reacting to fear, being angry, or thrilled.
  • Some caregivers or mothers overfeed or underfeed their babies.
  • Newborn babies are sometimes born prematurely with a digestive system that is underdeveloped.
  • It may be a sign of early childhood migraine headaches.
  • Could be a result of a baby trying to adjust to the new environment they are in after birth in relation to lighting and sound produced within the surrounding.


-A parent or caregiver should ensure that they take their children for stroller walks and drives for them to be calm down.

-Baby swaddling is always recommended for the baby so that they are soothed by the warmness and get to sleep.

-A warm bath is also a good way to calm them as they always feel relaxed most of the time.

-Always have tummy massages or back massages as they are about to sleep.

-Ensure that you practice bicycle rides so some excess air and gas id released from the baby’s stomach.

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