What is Cancer? Types, Causes, Treatment & Stage.

An image of prostrate cancer
An image of prostrate cancer

What is cancer? it is an illness in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissues. Moreover, Cancer cells have the ability to spread through the body. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the whole world. Therefore, cancer awareness is as follows:

January – for Cervical.

February– National prevention day.

March– National colorectal day.

April– Esophageal type.

May– Bladder type.

June– immunotherapy day.

July– UV safety.

August– Appendix type day.

Types of cancer.

There are many types of cancer. Below are some of them.

1. Breast – forms in the cells of the breasts.

2. Prostate – this type occurs in a man’s prostate, a small walnut-sized gland that produces seminal.

3. Basal cell – type of skin disease that begins in the basal cell.

4. Lung -begins in the lungs and most often occurs in people who smoke.

5. Colon cancer– it attacks the colon, located at the digestive tract’s lower end.

6. Leukemia– blood-forming tissues, hindering the body’s ability to fight infection.

Causes of cancer.

This disease is caused by changes to the DNA of cells. There are also other risk factors like;

  • Genetic factors where the origin of a these illness is related to genes. These genes are passed from generation to generation.
  • Ion radiation from the ultraviolet rays from the sunlight and from X-rays.
  • Exposure to toxins in the compound like hard metals and smoke from cigarettes and tobacco.
  • However, everyone has a risk factor to cancer and you should make a point of visiting the hospital for screening every after a while.


Signs and symptoms vary depending on what part of the body is affected. Below are general signs and symptoms.

• Fatigue

•Changes in the bowel.

•Skin change.

•Difficuilty swallowing.

•Weight changes.

•Unexplained bleeding.


There are many types of treatment. However, the type of treatment depends on the type of cancer and how advanced it is. However, In some people who are infected will have only one treatment, such as surgery with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


There are four stages of the illness. In stage one, the cell is localized to a small area and not spread to lymph nodes. However, in stage 2 cells usually grow, but do not spread. When it gets to stage 3, the cells grow larger and possibly spread to lymph nodes. Therefore, stage 4 becomes a delicate stage since the illness cells are spread to other organs.

Key facts.

10 million people die from cancer every year.

At least one-third of common cancer is preventable. Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Note that 70% of cancer deaths occur in low to middle-income countries. Nevertheless, the total annual economic cost of cancer is estimated to be 1.16 trillion. Therefore, millions of lives could be saved each year, by implementing resource appropriate strategies for prevention.

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