What is Albinism? Signs, causes, and prevention.


Albinism is a skin disorder. It occurs when the skin either produces less or does not produce melanin at all. Melanin gives the skin its black color. Therefore, it is a pigment. The color of the skin and hair mostly depends on the melanin. In addition, the eye color is from the melanin amount in the body. Melanin is also very important since it protects the skin from the hot sun.

It is sad to say that albinism has no cure. However, one can prevent this disorder. The measures of preventing this disorder help those people to be able to see better.

The signs of Albinism.

Albinism mostly affects skin color, the eyes, and hair as discussed below;

Albinism in human beings.

The skin.

  • Albinism makes the skin look more light.
  • Spots.
  • Sunburns especially from the sun.

However, the skin color does not change for some people with this disorder.

The hair.

The normal hair colors are black, white or grey, brown, and even blonde. However, that is not the case for people with albinism. Their hair color may be yellow or red.

The eye color.

The eyes are usually very pale. In addition, the eye color becomes blue or brown. The color of the eye depends also on the age of the person. Lack of melanin in the eyes makes them translucent. This means light from the sun passes through the eyes, Therefore this results in eye problems. Eye problems may include;

  • Fast movement of the eyes.
  • Eyes staying in different directions.
  • Light sensitivity.
  • Eye vision reduces.
  • Lastly, it can cause blindness.

The cause of Albinism.

Some genes are responsible for making proteins that also produce melanin. However, the change in these genes causes albinism. There are different types of albinism. They depend on the type of mutation that did occur.

How to prevent Albinism.

A doctor can help identify the types of albinism. This helps reduce the chances of having a child with albinism. However, this is if a family member has albinism. Diagnosis of this disorder is through an exam that helps check the skin color and the hair. In addition, there is also an eye test.

Is albinism treatable?

Unfortunately, this disorder has no cure. Treating this disorder is to help with eye problems. A doctor can recommend wearing glasses with lenses. Also, the doctor advises the patients to go for skin screens. This helps to avoid the risk of skin cancer.

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