Ways for a skinny person to gain weight naturally

Diet for a skinny person

A skinny person is too thin. Mostly this is considered unattractive to many people. A skinny person’s features include thin legs and a skeletal body. This is a condition that can be corrected by eating various types of foods. Increased intake of calories while considering eating a range of food.

This should be done in a way that a person is not at risk of being obese. In most cases, one is considered skinny considering their BMI range. This is measured by their height and weight. A range of 18.5-24.9 is considered healthy. BMI can be measured using calculators or charts. Foods that help a skinny person naturally gain weight include the following;

An image of a Skinny person
An image of a Skinny person


Rice contains higher carbohydrate levels compared to other types of food. In most cases, brown rice contains a higher protein level while white rice has a lower but one can add stew such as meat or beans so as to increase the calorie levels.

Whole Grain Bread for a skinny person to add weight

Whole grain bread has higher levels of carbohydrates as compared to white bread. One can increase the calorie level of bread by adding avocado or butter. The most preferred are sandwiches as they have a variety of nutrients enabling a skinny person to gain weight.

Whole Grain Cereals for a skinny person to add some weight

The third is whole grain cereals. This includes foods such as oats, wheat, and barley. This type of cereal can be served with milk or yogurt. A skinny person should consider whole-grain cereals rather than refined ones to ensure full benefits are obtained. Additionally one can buy premixed cereals to increase the calorie levels.

Dried Fruits and Dark Chocolate for a skinny person to add weight

Again, dried fruits and dark chocolate can be of great help. Dried fruits have the enzyme fructose which adds to the calorie levels in meals. Dark chocolate is extracted from cocoa beans which are rich in carbohydrates. Comparing milk chocolate to dark chocolate skinny people are advised to consume dark chocolate as it usually contains a higher cocoa content.


Starches can also be of great help in adding weight to skinny people. Examples of starch include potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and other legumes.

Starches contain high levels of glucose which is important when exercising so as to produce energy. Some of the natural ways of gaining weight include.


This is a crucial ingredient required for gaining weight. A high intake of proteins helps in acquiring a healthy muscle weight. Examples of protein include salmon, eggs, and beans. They are helpful mostly to vegetarians and allergic people who require to add weight.

Healthy carbs and fats

Examples of healthy sources of carbs and fats include whole eggs, avocados, cheese, coconut oil, and oats. Avocados are a good source of unsaturated fat. While whole they are rich in vitamins and minerals therefore one is advised to consume them while whole.


Frequent intake of calories increases weight. Calorie foods come in forms such as heavy meals and snacks. One can increase their meal portions or consume small portions frequently throughout the day. The average range of calories required to gain weight is 700-1000. Counting calories is not a mandatory requirement but it is advisable to keep track of the calories one is consuming.

Physical Strength

In addition, a person can improve their physical strength. This can be done by lifting weights at a gym or playing a sport to avoid excess calories in your body. This helps in burning calories that do not favor the body.

Shakes and Smoothies.

In addition drinking, high calorie shakes and smoothies can help one gain weight. Examples of smoothies include milk, yogurt, and fruits. They assist in providing nutrient-dense calories where one does not feel too full. In addition, eating three to five meals a day consecutively can assist one add weight.

Increased consumption of energy foods

Therefore, this mostly involves whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. These foods are considered more satisfying than junk foods, making enough calorie intake easier. Additionally increased use of spices can help. Spices assists in adding taste to the food, therefore, making it tastier. When food is tastier the higher the intake.

Eating Frequently

Having meals more often can also be a way of adding weight. Eating at regular intervals within a day can also be of great help.

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