The best Weaning tips for 6-12 months babies.


Weaning refers to the introduction of solid food to babies apart from their normal breastfeeding and the substitution of formula milk. It mostly takes place from the age of 6 months. However, a parent may opt to do it earlier. Most babies will react to some food types as a result of allergies so it is advisable to do this introduction in moderate amounts or portions. Below is a list of ideas that you may use when introducing the baby to solid food;

Weaning breakfast

  • Dried cereals such as oats, cerelac, and Weetabix. The accompaniment can be fruit such as a banana. Also, use some milk or water to make the food a little bit soft.
  • Porridge drink-This can be made from grounded millet, milk powder, and crushed groundnuts.
  • Pumpkin soup-Prepare it by peeling and boiling the pumpkin and add some bone soup that has been previously thoroughly boiled.
  • Blended sweet potatoes -This can either consist of bone soup or some milk.

Weaning Snacks/Bittings

So, a child needs to have some food or a drink after every two hours. This contributes to their general body growth and energy required by their body. Some of the snacks that can be offered to little ones include the following;

  • Milk/Yoghurt
  • Blended fresh juice,
  • Fruits such as bananas, melon, and apples among others.


weaning-baby with pumpkin soup.

Lunch is a meal that the child should take during mid-morning hours. Below is a list of some foods that you may give during lunch sessions.

  • Mash some potatoes with some green vegetables and some minced meat.
  • Green bananas with some plant proteins such as beans or green grams.
  • Porridge rice with some beans or green vegetables.
  • Mash some pumpkin with some minced meat and green vegetables.

Dinner/ Supper

However, the baby should take this meal in the early evening hours to create time for digestion of the food. A few meals can be offered during this time as follows;

  • Some Ugali with green vegetables.
  • Blend chapati with bone soup and also add some roughage food such as cabbage or french beans.
  • Porridge rice with some chicken soup and green vegetables such as collard greens.
  • Overcook arrowroots and mash with some bones soup and a serving of green vegetables.

Ensure that after every main meal, you give some water to the child so as to avoid constipation. After every two hours, you should ensure that the baby gets some food bitings without keeping them hungry for long. After every new food introduction, a maximum of three days may help to rule out any allergies that might occur.

Happy weaning to the little one!

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