The Best Waterfall Hiking Destinations in Kenya.

Waterfall destinations
Waterfall destinations

Waterfall hiking points are nice places to visit. However, hiking is fun when friends or family participate. Also, it is more fun when you plan in advance to ensure everyone is ready before the big day. So, when one hikes, stress levels are lower than when inactive. It is also a great way of meeting new friends aside from family members. Nature is the most calming way and through this, one explores different parts of the world.

However, most parts of the country have waterfalls making it a major tourist attraction. At the sight of the waterfalls, there are birds which is also a great view. Birds watching is also part of the hiking experience. In addition, one gets to meet all types of animals and this is more fun. At the waterfall area, you can also engage in swimming which is also a way of calming body nerves and body relaxation.

Below are a few destinations and waterfalls in Kenya worth visiting;

1. Kamweti Falls-Kirinyaga

Kamweti falls are found on the slopes of Mt Kenya through the Castle Lodge entrance. Children below the age of 10 years are not advised to visit the places due to measures put in place in that area. It is approximately 3 hour drive from Nairobi town. Camping is also available for those groups willing to have camping events. The entrance fee is approximately Ksh 250.

2. Githobokoini waterfall-Gatundu

Githobokoini Falls is located in Gatundu town. It is at the border of Kiambu and Murang’a County. The falls board ACK Emmanuel Church, Kiarutara village in Gatundu sub-county. It is approximately a 2-hour drive from Thika town.

3. Tigoni-Limuru waterfall

Tigoni falls is in Limuru, Kiambu County. The place has attractive sites of evergreen trees as the area has a humid climate. The distance from Nairobi CBD is approximate 2 hours by use of public matatus through Limuru. The entrance fee is Ksh 400.

4. Kibathithi-Githunguri

Kibathithi Falls is in Githunguri town, Lari Constituency, Kiambu County. The falls are next to Gatamaiyu village in Kiambu town. The approximate time taken from Nairobi Cbd is two and a half hours.

5. Gatamaiyo Waterfalls-Lari

These waterfalls are in Gatamaiyo village, Lari constituency, Kiambu town. It is however not advised to visit the place during the heavy rains as it tends to flood and the leading roads to the site are impassable. Drowning accidents may occur.

6. Chania Falls

Chania falls are in Thika, Kiambu County. The falls are close to the tarmac on your way to Bluepost Hotel in Thika Town. It takes an average of 45 minutes to get to the place from Nairobi Cbd.

7. The fourteen Falls

These falls are in Thika town, Kiambu county. They are on your way to Mt Kilimambogo past Thika town. These falls are inaccessible during the rainy seasons as they are flooded and many drowning accidents can happen.

8. Chania Falls- Nyeri

Chania falls are in Othaya, Nyeri county. It takes about 4 hours from Nairobi to get to this location. They are close to both Aberdare mountains and Aberdare National Park with high altitudes. Elephants are expected to be at these premises during the visits.

9. Thompson Falls- Nyahururu

Thompson falls stands to be the second deepest waterfall in Africa with the Ewaso Ng’iro river close to it. It is 3KM away from Nyahuhuru town and about 4 hours drive from Nairobi town. Ut close to the equator line.

10. Kimunye-Kathiri Falls- Kirinyaga

Kathiri falls are located in Kimunye town which is Gichugu constituency, Kirinyaga county. These falls can be accessed through Kabare or Embu from Nairobi. The time taken to the place is approximately 4 hours. The entry fee for the scenic view is Ksh 400 per person. A tour guide is present at the tourist site for guidance.

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