The best tourist attraction sites in Kakamega.

Kakamega forest

Kakamega county has several tourist attraction sites and has a lot to offer. Beautiful vegetation, climate, and wildlife. The climatical condition of the places is also favorable. Travel here and feel relaxed as you know you will be able to witness a tour worth taking. The major town in Kakamega County is Kakamega.

Kakamega Forest.

Best tourist attractions in Kakamega.

Kakamega Forest is a wonderful forest. Of course, it is at the heart of Western Kenya. The forest covers an area of 2400km². Currently, home to many birds, trees, and animals. It is the only tropical rainforest in Kenya. It is home to animals for example bush pigs, hedgehogs, and monkeys. Kakamega forest provides an interesting place to watch birds, hike, and take walks hence many people visit the place.

Crying stone.

The crying stone of Kakamega is a natural hollow stone. Consequently, the noise resembles human cries, hence the name “The Crying Stone of Kakamega”. It is located in Ilesi, likewise, along the Kakamega-Kisumu Road. The rock is 40 meters high with a small rock on top. In addition, a stream of water flows in the middle of the rock. Therefore, it creates an image of a stone that cries. Moreover, it serves as a center of culture for the local communities in Kakamega county because of various beliefs.

Malava Forest.

Malava Forest offers a place to relax from Kakamega town. The forest has different types of trees with unique names for instance Nkondo, Elingaa, and Somboo. It also serves as a home for many animals such as monkeys, baboons, and birds. Nature lovers like this place. It covers an area of about 10 hectares. It is a cool place to watch birds and nature trails.

Isiukhu Falls.

The sound of water flowing down the Isiukhu Falls makes everyone wish to climb up the steep rocks and experience this good sight as close as possible. It is one of the most visited natural sites in Kakamega, in terms of observation adventures, this is where one can take some time off their busy schedules and absorb themselves into nature’s beauty.

Rondo retreat center.

This is a serene retreat point for people who love nature. The center hosts plants and birds thus making it a favorable place for birdwatching activities. Also, accommodation in cottages is offered in the center at pocket-friendly rates.

Nabongo cultural center.

The Nabongo center was started in 2008 to reflect on the past, and the current ways of the kingdom at Eshiembekho, in Matungu. Nabongo was a king and cultural monarch of the Wanga or Abawanga. this is a sub-tribe of the Luhya people within Kenyan history.

Kakamega Golf Club.

So, this is the most shining hotel in Kakamega. It is a 60-room complex, a few meters from the Kakamega business district. Therefore, it is for both leisure travelers and business people.

Kisumu Museum.

The museum is located in Kisumu town just along the Kisumu-Kericho highway. However, the museum offers several outdoor activities some of which have got live animals, and also exhibitions of the Luo traditions. It was set open to the public in 1980.

Savona Island.

Savona Island is located at the edge of the Kakamega forest. It is a retreat center that also offers swimming activities, luxury guest rooms, and a modern restaurant.

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