Which are the smallest African countries?

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Which are the smallest African countries? There are places you could cross the whole country in half a day at most. This is because we are talking about some of the smallest countries in Africa. When it happens you get across these countries, you may feel like you have reached a small village. Most of them are small to the point that some cities are even bigger than them.

Some of these smallest African countries are islands. Visiting them will be an amazing experience. It is a life opportunity to learn about their culture and enjoy their scenery. Some of them could even come off as holiday destinations. These countries include;


This is the smallest country in Africa. It covers 451 square KM in size. It is located in the Indian part of the Indian Ocean. This part is known as the Somali Sea is nearest Madagascar. Seychelles is also about 1600 KM from east of Kenya. It has 115 islands in an archipelago with lush tropical plants and beautiful beaches. The capital city of Seychelles is called Victoria. It is located on the Island of Mahe. Despite being the smallest country in Africa, it is also one of the Smallest countries in the world. It is also a well-known place for tourist destinations.

Sao Tome and Principe

This is the second smallest country in Africa. Sao Tome and Principe are two of the 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. They cover about 140 KM apart and sit at 1001 square KM area. It is an island in Central Africa, close to the Gulf of Guinea and along the Equator. It is an independent nation since 1975. The country’s main language is Portuguese. It is a tropical paradise for people who enjoy connoisseurs and nature. It has many tourist destinations such as tropical beaches, jungles, and lovely villages.


Comoros is also one of the smallest Island nations in Africa. It is located at 1659 square KM. It has a tropical climate situated within the Indian Ocean. Moroni is the capital city. The main language spoken in Comoros is Comorian along with Latin and Arabic. Its main religion is Sunni Islam. Comoros is made up of different islands. These islands include; Grande Comore, Anjouan, Moheli, and Mayotte. It is also known as a volcanic island. It is popular for its beautiful landscapes and scenery.


This country is an island in the Indian Ocean, near the coast of East Africa. Mauritius sits at 2040 square kilometers. Port Louis is the country’s largest capital city. It is made up of islands which include; Rodrigues, St Brandon, and Agalega. Most people in the country speak either English or French. The country consists of three main religions which include Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Mauritius is widely known for its many lagoons, beaches, and luxury resorts. They bring in a lot of tourists every year.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde among the smallest African countries

Republic of Cabo Verde’s official name is Cape Verde. The capital city is called Praia. Cape Verde comprises ten islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It sits at a total area of 4033 square kilometers. It is also an independent nation since 1975. Most people in the country speak Portuguese. The main religion is Christianity. This is also one of the sure destinations to visit.


It is surrounded by Senegal and the Atlantic Ocean coastline to the west. Banjul is the country’s largest capital city. Gambia Covers an area of 10,689 square kilometers. It regained its independence in 1965. In Gambia, you will find different ethnic groups like Wolof, Fula, Mandinka, Manjong, Aku, and Jahanka. If you are a bird lover, you should visit Gambia. It has about 540 species of birds. This makes it popular for bird watching. The official language in Gambia is English.


Formerly it was known as Swaziland. It changed its name from Swaziland to Eswatini. It is a landlocked country that is located in Southern Africa. It is the seventh smallest country in Africa. It covers a land mass of 17,364 square KM. The main language is Swazi. It is an independent country since 1968.


This country lies in the horn of Africa, to the south of Ethiopia and the North of Eritrea. The Red Sea and the Gulf of Eden are in the east of Djibouti. Its capital city is known as Djibouti City. It is an independent country since 1877. It covers a landmass of 23,200 square KM. Islam is the main religion in the country while the official languages are French, Arabic, Somali, and Afar.

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