Simba Hills National R. activities, entrance.

Simba Hills National Reserve

Simba hills are among the largest forests in the coastal region of East Africa. The leading forest in East Africa is Arabuko-Sokoke in Malindi. Shimba Hills is in Kwale County. The reserve consists of coastal rainforest, woodland, and grassland. Some animals found at this place include antelope, giraffes, monkeys, and buffalos. The reserve is 33km in distance from Mombasa town. The large area covering the forest with trees makes it hard to locate some animals there. The place is ideal for a day trip. Kenya has a total of 54 national reserves.

Tourist Attraction at the Reserve.

Sheldrick Falls

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Sheldrick falls offers a cool environment for fun when hiking with family and friends. In addition, the falls run 21m deep on a cliff. The stare at the waterfall is so fulfilling as water run down the poolside. The area is surrounded by green vegetation creating a beautiful scenery. The falls hike is done between 10 a.m- 2 p.m daily with the help of a professional guide.

Various View Points at Simba Hills

There are various viewpoints on this reserve. The most common viewpoint is Elephant Hill where one gets a glimpse of a great view of elephants at the reserve. Secondly, the reserve boasts of Marere Dam which is the home of many birds and animals in the reserve. The presence of the watering hole makes it attractive to several bird species and animals.

Mwalunganje Forest in Simba Hills

Some parts of the Mwaluganje forest dig deep in here. This forest host the big 5 species in Kenya. The major attraction at this site is the elephants as everyone wants to have the experience of being close to them. In addition, most world’s old species of animals settle in this region.

Archeological Safaris

These are safaris that involve going around the park while viewing animals. They are taken around by a professional guide who clearly understands every detail of species around the place. In addition, the driver in charge has to be aware of routes and roads to follow during that time. Using binoculars helps in viewing animals at a close angle at the reserve.

Game Viewing

This reserve consists of rare species of sable antelope. There are elephants in this region together with waterbuck, bush pig, and coastal black and white. The obstruction in viewing animals due to the presence of savannah grasslands makes afternoons work well for everyone. Moreover, most animals always come out of their hiding place in search of water during the afternoon as a result of thirst.

Entrance Fees at the Reserve

  • Both citizens and resident adults pay a fee of Ksh 300 while children of the same category pay Ksh 215.
  • Non-resident adults pay a fee of 25$ while non-resident children pay a fee of 15$.

The modes of payment are however limited to MPESA, VISA Card, and Direct Deposits to KWS Bank Accounts.

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