Signs of a man who is likely to break your heart.

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What are the signs of a man who will break your heart? When you start dating someone, there is no way to know how things will work out in the long run. If you really like that person, immediately you start picturing your life with them whether you want to or not.

It can be hard to see the signs that he wants to break up but obviously, there might be. Below are some of these signs.

He won’t call you his girlfriend

If he doesn’t refer to you as his girlfriend, you are not then his girlfriend and there is no way you can be. It’s just that simple.

He won’t meet your family

Do you know why he won’t meet your family? Because your Dad will be shaking his head bearing many questions in his mind.

He knows he ain’t in it to win it and he doesn’t want to put himself through that.

He won’t make plans

You are a plan maker always, and even when you say let’s hang out on Saturday, you might not hear from him until 10:30 that evening. Why? because you are not a priority in his life.

He tells you he’s not ready for a relationship

Signs of a man who is likely to break your heart.

If a guy happens to tell you that he’s not ready for a relationship, believe him! and if he tells you bad news, believe him!

So if he’s quick to tell you all his feelings as a boyfriend, take caution.

He is still in touch with his exes

There is a guy who is still polite to his exes. Such a guy might get back to the exes, reconcile, and move on from where they had left. So this should work as a red flag.

He hides his phone

So, hiding his phone is a clear red flag. Again, if he is on his phone all the time, you are in trouble.

Do you know what will be there no matter how he treats you? Open your eyes wide!

He is fantasist

Despite him not calling you his girlfriend, it’s April and he’s talking about what you will do in December.

Don’t be fooled by his web of lies indeed. He is trying to throw you off the scent so you will keep satisfying his desires.

He’s still dating someone else

There was a woman who seriously dated a man who was still living with and dating his girlfriend of 8 years.

Don’t let your dignity be taken for granted.

He’s just moved to your state

He’s not ready and he will probably tell you he’s not ready. You will try to be a low-impact casual girlfriend which will be fine until you fall for him and he can’t make that leap.

This is another case of listening when he talks to avoid internal combustion.

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