Napali coast wilderness park, location, activities, charges.

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Napali coast wilderness park is found in a protected area located on the island of Kauai in Hawaii in the United States. It is famous for its great coastal views, towering cliffs, and lush tropical vegetation. So, from the Northwest of Kauai, it is a distance of about twenty-six kilometers. The park is found in the interior making it a bit difficult to access. So, it is only accessible by foot, boat, or helicopter. It starts at Haena State Park which is 41 miles from the airport of Lihue. There are no roads leading to the park. Therefore, visitors must either hike or take a boat tour to explore the area.

However, one is required to obtain a permit in order to be allowed to finish the whole hike. Additionally, a person can book their parking space 90 days earlier from the day you will visit and the charges will be according to the parked number of days. The best season to visit Napali Coast is during summer when there is calmness in the sea. October to May is when the hiking mostly runs.

There is also the availability of tour guides around the Napali Coast Tours. Their main work is to ensure protection and ensure the best sight views. Services such as lunch meals and breakfast are organized which is cheaper as compared to when one is organizing a trip individually. The difference in the costs will depend on the tour duration and type.

Activities that can be performed at Napali Coast Tours.

Hiking– The Kalalau Trail is a popular hiking trail in the park. Additionally, it offers breathtaking views of the coast and the surrounding mountains. It is a challenging trail and requires one to be in good physical condition. However, it takes about 8 hours to hike to the end and back.

Beaches– It has many secluded beaches that one can only access by hiking or boat. Hanakapiai Beach, Ke’e Beach, and Kalalau Beach are the most popular. One can swim, sunbathe, and explore the tide pools.

Boat Tours– One may take a boat tour to explore the park from the water. This is a great way to see the towering cliffs and sea caves up close. Some boat tours may also offer snorkeling and whale watching.

Camping– Only camping with a permit is allowed in the park. They have a designated camping area at Kalalau Beach. However, it is only accessible by hiking. The camping area is primitive and has no running water or facilities.

Photography– The park has great views and unique wildlife. One can take photographs of the beauty of the coast, mountains, and waterfalls. In addition, one can also take photos of the rare birds and seals that call the park home.

Napali coast wilderness

Cultural Sites– Again, Napali is home to several ancient Hawaiian cultural sites such as heiau (temples) and petroglyphs. Here, you can learn about the history and culture of the Hawaiian people.

Charges at Napali coast

So, the charges for the park are as follows;

ParkingParking at the trailhead parking fee is $10 per vehicle per day.

Camping Permit– To camp at the park overnight, you will need a camping permit that costs $20 per person per night.

Boat Tours– The cost of a boat tour depends on the type of tour you choose and the length of the tour. Prices may range from $100 and above.

Hiking– There is no fee to hike the Kalalau Trail. However, you must obtain a permit to hike beyond the 2-mile mark. The cost of the permit is $5 per person and is valid for 1 day.

State Park Entrance FeeOne does not pay an entrance fee to the Park. However, a visitor need to pay a state park entrance fee of $5 per vehicle or $1 per person for pedestrians.

However, these charges are subject to change. Therefore, you should contact them directly or check their website to get up-to-date charges.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Park is during the dry season. This runs from May to October. During that time, the weather is generally sunny and dry, with fewer chances of rain and storms

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