Mother In Law (Charity Mwamba) bio- husband, age.

Charity Mwamba

Charity Mwamba is a Kenyan actress whose real name is Elizabeth Wanjiru. Her acting role is of more than a decade. In addition to this, she has risen to the top despite many challenges along the way. In the famous Tv series, Mother in Law, Charity is the lead actress. The series shows how she relates with those around her, especially the inlaws and workers. She has a different way in which she relates with he daughter in laws and sons. She is always strict, no-nonsense, and cautious about the way she treats her sons.


Her parents are not alive. They are left together with other 12 siblings of whom only two are surviving as of now.

Education of Charity Mwamba

Charity Mwamba-mother in-law during an interview

She studied at Alliance Girls where she perfected her acting skills.

Husband and Marriage of Charity Mwamba

Charity Mwamba was married while she was at the university at 26 years. The husband was Shem Bageine from Uganda. Her husband was a physical abuser who would even have her seek refuge at nearby homes including the police stations. After relocating to Uganda, he became a government minister. They later divorced in the year 1981. She did not have frequent access to her children at that time and that is how she ventured into serious acting to drive away the sorrows. They both have three children, two girls, one boy, and several grandchildren.

The husband remarried but did not legally divorce her so as per the law the two are still in the marriage union.


Elizabeth was born in 1943. She is 80 years old.


Due to various challenges, including house repossession by Housing Finance which she faced after her husband left, Elizabeth fully ventured into the acting career.

Teaching was her first job before her acting at Mary Leaky School. After a few years in her teaching career, Charity became a school principal.

She later went for a post-graduate diploma course as a college teacher. After retirement from teaching, acting is now a full-time career.

She is famous through the role of lead actress in the drama series, “Mother-in-Law” in the year 2008 and acts in the same Tv program to date.

The major source of income is from a farm in Kitale which is an inheritance from parents. She receives a monthly pension from Royal Media Services in her account.

Elizabeth is a role model to upcoming young actors and actresses.

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