Labor and contractions Signs and Symptoms.

Labor pains

Labor is the onset of childbirth. This is the time that clearly illustrates that the child is now ready to be born or near birth. Labor can be intense or mild as per individual. Most labor signs averagely begin from 8 months of pregnancy.

Therefore, below is a list of labor signs and symptoms that one should be on the lookout for during pregnancy;

1. Thick Bloody Discharge during Labor

This clearly shows its onset of birth. So, this mucus is from the bleeding cervix area and comes after the white discharge disappears. Dilation could be starting or even might have started earlier on. This bloody mucus is a result of the breaking of the protective membrane in the cervix area.

2. Nesting during labor

This refers to the instinct of preparing for a newborn who is expected in a few days. The mother is often involved in cleaning activities such as washing the rooms around, cleaning some clothes as they await the baby’s arrival, and making arrangements for the room and items that the baby will be using after birth.

3. Unending Pain in Lower Back and Belly area.

This pain comes due to the much pressure that is around the belly area. However, at that time the baby is said to have dropped down on the cervix area and hence much weight lay there leading to many struggles in sitting and walking to the mother.

4. Contractions at Intervals.


They are repeated movements of relaxation and expansion of uterus muscles that happen around the belly area. These movements vary depending on the intensity that comes along with them. They also depend on the interval time that they occur for them to be differentiated from real or false labor. Those with less interval time and are consistent are the signs of the onset of labor while the latter may not be considered as serious as the first ones.

5. Strong Urge in Passing Urine or Poop.

This clearly indicates that a mother is fully dilated and can comfortably push the baby through the vaginal opening. The urge of passing urine or poop clearly shows that the baby’s head is almost out of the cervix area.

6. Water Breaking.

Water breaking is an indication that the amniotic sac has already busted or ruptured leading to amniotic fluid passing out. It is often risky if the baby is not attended to immediately after water breaking as there are issues that come along with delayed birth after rupture. Some children might end up dying if not taken as an emergency case.

The above are some of the major labor signs one should be on the lookout for. Good luck in bringing your little one into life!

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