How to stop wasting time and be productive.

Wasting time

Wasting time is referred to as Idleness and lack of motion. This is making mistakes by engaging in idle pastimes and neglecting obligations. One Procrastinate and avoid doing tasks. Thereafter, you end up running out the clock with the purpose of allowing time to expire. Below are some of the ways to avoid wasting time.

1. Get rid of social media to stop wasting time

Social media is the greatest time waster in the 21st century. However, has no value added to your life, does not help you learn anything useful, or even connects you with people in a meaningful way. Unless you are using it for instance to catch up with an old friend, avoid using social media for more than an hour a day. Moreover, it may increases depression, and reduce your life satisfaction. So, it generally is not worth much of your time. You can do more resourceful things.

2. Be conscious of the Power of Intention, it helps stop wasting time

The only way you waste time and consider it so when you spend it in a way other than you originally desired. For example, if you get yourself watching a movie series to the end in a single afternoon, you only consider it time wasted if you intended to do something different at that time. If you have a long busy week and then you get a day to treat yourself to a chill, This is no time wastage. Intention becomes everything when it comes to matters of time.

It is ok sometimes to spend time on activities like games and gaming, watching TV, and other nonproductive activities. However, it is only limited to intentions. Therefore, do not feel guilty when you give yourself some downtime. If the intention was giving yourself that, go for it instead of wasting time on unintended activities.

3. Do away with distractions.

Ways of wasting time

Distractions are one of the biggest known time wasters to human beings. If anything distracts you from your work,  it will take you more than 17 minutes to get back into the flow. Therefore, every time you get distracted, you effectively waste a quarter of an hour. So turning off your notifications, locking your office door, and informing your colleagues and people near you not to disturb you unless it is a legitimate emergency is important. Get rid of every distractor that you can, and through that, you will drastically reduce the amount of time you waste.

4. Only focus on one thing at a time.

Multitasking may not work. You may think that it does, but when your focus is distracted from one thing, it will take you twice as long and as much time to accomplish the tasks on which you are focusing. So, for you to save more time, be a master of single focus on important tasks up to completion.

5. Ensure you chill out

Also, if you want to stop being a time waster, avoid worrying too much about wasting time. For instance,  a third of your life is spent sleeping. Which is an essential part of a healthy life. It may be called a “waste” of time in the sense that no one can accomplish anything while sleeping. This is part of human existence and part of life.

You may get stuck in traffic, or get distracted at your workplace despite having clear indications.  You may also find yourself mentally incapable of completing your tasks and waste much time on social media. So instead of fighting it, learn how to work around it. Acceptance of self-time wastage habits is key and learning self-mitigation.  After all, there is no point in stressing yourself about things you cannot always control.

6. Holding meetings for the sake of meetings.

Whether a business or social meeting for a group that you belong to, there are times you fail to understand the essence of the meeting. This wastes time for the entire group. This is when you realize that some people simply like meetings, and talking, and they do not have a point to their statements. So beware of these people and stop the wasted time for you. Always ask the person who invites you about the purpose of the meeting. Also, ask if it can actually be done over the phone and if everyone needs to be involved. It may be an excuse for coffee and a chat.

7. Take action as you go.

Make it a habit to address matters as soon as they crop rather than dealing with them at a later date. Taking care of small problems will prevent them from all piling up and creating a large problem. Also, these matters may often prevent you from moving forward with other things until they are settled. It can become an excuse to be at a stopping point and put everything else aside.

8 . Create a schedule

8. Create personal goals and deadlines

9. Do away with procrastination

10.  Avoid irrelevant phone calls

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