How to Pass Mathematics With flying colors

How to solve mathematics
How to solve mathematics

No one is born genius and we learn things as we grow. Mathematics is one of the most assumed hard subjects amongst the rest. Practice makes perfect. It’s always good to ask for help when stuck in Mathematics.

What Is Mathematics?

Mathematics is a science that involves numbers, shapes, patterns, and more.

Below are a few ways which would help you in passing Mathematics;

Five sums a day rule.

Choose at least five questions daily from different topics so as to improve on problem-solving.

Group discussions

Have an organized group discussion on a weekly basis whereby each person gets to share what they have learned during the week. In that way, you will learn something new from someone else.

Avoid cramming formulas

Make a point of understanding a formula and how it should be used in a context question. Don’t cram since this will result in confusion during problem-solving.

Ask for help when stuck in a question

Have friends with whom you share your problems and they are ready to assist on ways of solving them. You get to learn on a daily basis.

Offer help to others

Whenever you volunteer to show others what you know, the knowledge you got gets more with you. It’s hard to forget something you have others

Practice more often

Don’t solve a problem today and forget about it. Instead, practice it more often to enable you to recap it whenever such a question is asked.

I hope the few tips stated above will guide you in achieving good grades in Mathematics.

Revision of Past questions

Go through past papers that have questions on similar topics. Examiners will always set different questions and when tackled frequently, you will get the different approaches they use. This will help you not get stuck on most questions.

Good Luck!

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