How to assess your mental health.

Mental health awareness 1

Mental health is very important. It is wise to take care of yourself and get the most from life. Mental health has been under observation since May 1949. Mental health is “a state of we’ll be in which the individual realizes his/ her abilities. It can also refer to cognitive-behavioral and emotional well-being. In addition, it is all about how people think and behave. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence, through adulthood. Conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety can all affect mental health and disrupt persons routinely. Although the term mental health is in common use, many conditions that doctors recognize as psychological disorders have physical roots.

How to take care of your mental health.

Eat well – the brain needs a mix of nutrients to stay healthy and function well. In addition, a good diet for your physical health is also good for your mental health. Eat at least three meals each day and drink plenty of water.

Asking for help- none of us is superhuman. Therefore, if things are getting too much for you, ask for help. Family or friends may be able to offer practical help or a listening ear.

Doing something you are good at –enjoying yourself can help beat stress. However, concentrating on hobbies like gardening or crossword can help you forget your worries for a while and change your moods.

Accept who you are- it’s much healthier to accept that you are unique than to wish you are more like someone else. Furthermore, good self-esteem helps you to cope when life takes a difficult turn. Be proud of who you are. Recognize and accept what you are not good at, but focus on what you can do well.

Take a break- a change of scene or a change of place is good for your mental health. Therefore, taking a break may mean being very active. It may also mean not doing very well at all. Take a deep breath and relax. Give yourself time to sleep. Our mental health suffers and our concentration goes downhill.

Talk about your feelings- talking about your feelings can help you to stay in good mental health. Therefore, talking about your feelings is not a sign of weakness. It’s part of taking charge of your well-being and doing what you can to stay healthy.

Keep active- regular exercise can boost your self-esteem. It can also help you to concentrate, sleep and feel better.

What to talk about during your assessment?

Mental health awareness

Key personal information, such as traumatic events in your past, or the current stressful situation you are facing. Your medical information, such as other physical or mental conditions you currently have. Also, write down all medicines you are taking, including over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements.

What happens during mental health assessment?

During the assessment, the doctor will gauge your ability to think clearly, recall information, and use mental reasoning. However, you may take the test of basic tasks like focusing your attention, remembering shortlists, recognizing common shapes, or solving simple math problems.

What should you do before ending the assessment?

You should get the chance to ask questions about your condition. Also, you should be involved in making decisions about what treatments are best for you. Make sure the health professional explains things to you as many times as it takes for you to understand them.

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