Heard of Lupus? Signs, causes and treatment.


What is lupus? Did you know that the immune system of the body can attack its own organs and tissues? Yes, does. It happens through the disease called Lupus. Lupus causes some body parts to swell. For instance the heart, skin, kidneys, and even the brain. It is very difficult to when one has lupus. This is because the symptoms are so similar to other illnesses.

However, a symptom that is visible to people is rashes on the face. Some people are at a higher risk of lupus. This is from factors for instance the sun and some infections. Sadly there is no cure for this disease. Nevertheless, one can be able to control the symptoms. This is by treatments.

What are the symptoms of Lupus?

The symptoms of lupus are so different for every person. This is because every person has different lupus. However, some people do not have these symptoms at all. The symptoms can either be very severe or mild. They are;

  • Fevers that no one can explain.
  • A person exhausts a lot.
  • Painful joints. The joints as well swell a lot.
  • The person becomes sensitive to light.
  • Hair loss is also common.
  • Rashes.
  • Mouth sores.
  • Lastly, the eyes also swell.

What causes lupus.

Lupus effects.

In most cases, healthcare does not know the cause of the disease. It is only known that the system attacks its own tissues. Some things that trigger lupus are;

  • The sunlight. Too much sunlight causes triggers lupus.
  • Some infections. An infection can cause lupus.
  • Medicines. Some medications such as antibiotics and blood pressure medicines can trigger this disease.

In addition, there are some people who are at a higher risk of lupus. These are females and people between the age of 15 to around 45 years old.

How can we diagnose lupus?

To diagnose lupus is so hard. This is because the symptoms are different with each person. a lot of tests together diagnose lupus. They include;

  • Blood cell count. Doctors use this test to count cells of the white and red blood cells and platelets.
  • Liver together with kidney tests. This is to check the functioning of these organs.
  • Urine test. This is to show the number of proteins in the urine.
  • Tests that require images for instance x rays.


The symptoms are the factors for treatment. The type of medicines doctors use to control this disease are:

  • Antimalarial medicines. This is because these drugs affect the body system.
  • Anti swelling drugs. A perfect example is ibuprofen which reduces swells.
  • Drugs that put down the immune system. Kindly note to only use these in serious situations of this disease.

Moreover, visit a doctor regularly, do exercise and eat a balanced diet as a therapy for lupus.

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