Best Public High Schools in Kiambu County.

Alliance Girls
Alliance Girls

There are several best public schools in Kiambu County known for producing excellent results in the national examination for years. Below is a list of some in no specific order.

Alliance Boys High School.

Alliance Boys High School is a national high school for boys, located in Kikuyu, Kiambu. However, it falls to every successful institution to see that precious balance between academics and co-curricular activities.

Alliance Girls High School.

Alliance Girls High School is a public national boarding school for girls. It is located near Kikuyu town in Kiambu county. Founded in 1948. However, its mission is to provide a conducive environment and offer an excellent and holistic education that motivates students to discover their talents.

Mango High School.

This is a Kenyan Roman Catholic National High School. It is located in Kiambu county along the Nairobi -Thika highway. Established in 1925. In addition, Mangu High School is a boy-only boarding school.

Kanunga High School.

Kanunga High School is for boys’ only boarding high school, located in the Kiambu sub-county.

Limuru Girls High School.

This is a national secondary school, which is located in the Limuru constituency, Kiambu county. In addition, Limuru Girls, High School is a girls-only public school boarding secondary school. However, it first started as a junior school called a preparatory school. Established in 1922.

Kiambu High School.

This is a boarding school for boys only. However, it is located in the Kiamumbi sub-location, Kiambu county. Moreover, the school’s enrollment stands at over 600. Established in 1971.

Loreto Girls High School.

Founded by the Loreto sisters from Ireland in 1936. Located in Karambaini, Kiambu county. However, the school is known for doing so well in both local and national exams.

Kagwe Girls High School.

Kagwe girls is a boarding Secondary School for girls only. Located in Lari Constituency, Kiambu county.

Our Lady of Mercy Ngarariga Girls High School.

It is a public secondary girl’s high school, this is in Limuru near Limuru town. Moreover, the school is a boarding and a day school for girls only. In addition, it is categorized by the ministry of education at the county level. Therefore, the school enrollment is about 826 students per year.

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