Best hotels in Kirinyaga county.

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A room in at Suncit hotel, Kirinyaga county

There are several best hotels in Kirinyaga county for visitors. Kirinyaga county is number 20 on the list of counties in Kenya. The county is located in the former Central Province of Kenya. The main economic activity in the county is agriculture. This involves more than 70% of the residents being small-scale farmers. The headquarters of the county is located in Kerugoya town. The county government leader in Kirinyaga, who is the governor goes by the name Ann Waiguru. The list of the best hotels in Kirinyaga county goes as follows;

1. Castle forest lodge and hotel

Castle forest lodge is located in Kimunye. The area’s natural beauty can be seen from Mount Kenya National Park. Therefore, the park is in the natural rainforest, along freshwater rivers, and falls. Castle Lodge offers the best hotel accommodation in Kirinyaga county. It accommodates cottages and bungalows with double rooms and single rooms. Moreover, it features a bar and restaurant, bush hunting, swimming pool, horse riding, and meeting conferences. For further information click here.

2.Nokras Riverine hotel and spar .

Nokras hotel is located on the hills of Sagana and next to the famous Sagana river. However, the hotel offers luxury guest rooms categorized as family rooms, business rooms, deluxe, and executive rooms. The hotel offers a swimming pool, spa, sauna, and fitness center. Nokras has a restaurant and a bistro garden where you take your breakfast as a guest while enjoying the views of the Sagana hills. Moreover, the hotel allows for conference facilities at fair charges. For more information click here

3. Nice Digital Hotel.

Nice Digital Hotel found in Mwea Kirinyaga County is popularly known because of the big swimming pool and ample space for several activities. Moreover, the hotel offers accommodation whereby the guest rooms are well facilitated. They also offer conference spaces and a well-stocked bar. For more information, click

4. Jangwani Camp Sagana.

Jangwani camp is located along Nairobi Nyeri highway in Sagana. The camp offers accommodation in a luxury tent for camping. It offers swimming, rafting and mountain biking, and a bar. There are also delicious meals. For more information about the camp, click here

5.Starwood Hotel Kerugoya, Kirinyaga county.

Starwood Hotel found at a distance of about 1 kilometer from Kerugoya town in Kirinyaga county, has good facilities. It offers a restaurant and bar. In addition, they have clean, well-furnished guest rooms fitted with king-size, single, and double beds. They also have a working desk and a flat-screen TV in the guest rooms. They also offer a garden for hosting weddings, meetings, and parties. For more information about the hotel click

Starwood hotel Kerugoya ,Kirinyaga county.

6. Bekam Hotel.

Bekam hotel is located off Gakoigo-Kianderi road, Kerugoya in Kirinyaga county. It features a restaurant, a bar, a shared lounge, and a garden for hosting meetings, parties, and weddings. The hotel also offers luxury accommodation at different levels. For more information, click

Bekam Hotel Kerugoya

Dee Eight Giraffe Motel.

The motel is situated along Kagio-Kutus road in Kirinyaga county. The hotel offers luxury accommodation in well-furnished guest rooms at a pocket-friendly charge. They also offer a restaurant, a bar, and a conference hall for meetings and events. for more information click

Guest room.

Other best hotel options in Kirinyaga county.

  • Sun City Hotel.
  • Maya gardens hotel.
  • Roswam hotel.
  • Great Sagana resort.
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