Aberdare National Park entry fee and activities?

Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park is on the Eastern side of Rift Valley and falls in central Kenya. The nearest town t this place is Nyeri and Narumoru. Aberdare National park hosts several wild animals including elephants. In addition, the area has a thick rainforest from the favorable weather conditions in the area. Waterfalls are present at the place. The mountain has a cool breeze and the weather is favorable to those willing to take the challenge of hiking. This park is famous as it is where Princess Elizabeth became the queen following the death of her father at Treetops lodge. This place is also a home for other wildlife animals such as hyenas, black rhinos, elephants, and warthogs among others.

Activities at the Park

Night Game Drive

The most spectacular view is having a drive at night while watching the stars and the moon. The surrounding is calm with soothing sounds and noises from night birds and insects. However, one should always accompany their drive with trained personnel as it is risky at night. There are some wild animals that may attack during that late hour of the night.

Fishing at Aberdare National

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities around the area and that involves catching fish. There are several rivers and waterfalls where most fish are spotted. In addition, there are fishing nets provided by the management among other tools to get this precious food.

Hiking at Aberdare National

Deep down through the park are several spectacular views. When hiking, the body exercises and blood circulation is well-taken care of protecting one from lifestyle diseases. Moreover, one gets to appreciate the nature existing around them.

Camping in Aberdare National

Team building is fun when camping is part of the activities on schedule. Tents are either personally owned or for lease by Aberdare’s National Park management. This is fun and interesting when playing some games and sharing some meals around a fireplace.

Horse Riding

This particular activity involves riding on a horse. Horse riding requires a professional guide so as to avoid some of the dangers arising from bad falls in case it happens.


Cycling is a skill one should be willing to learn. This is fun on climbing some high slopes along the area. The adrenaline rush that comes with the exercise leaves one ready for a new challenge.

Walking Safaris

Walking enables a person to release some stress hormones affecting them. This way many disrupting thoughts do not appear at that time as one focuses on finishing what they started. When one finishes walking exercise, the urge of resting and sleep takes through them.

Wildlife Attraction

Aberdare National Park image

Aberdares National Park is home to different animals including elephants, hyenas, leopards, buffalos, warthogs, and black rhinos. Also, some rare animals such as giant forest hog and African wild cat lives here too.

Park Entry Fees

  • Kenyan adult citizens pay a fee of Ksh 300 while a student pays a fee of Ksh 215.
  • A non-resident pays a fee of 52$ while a non-resident child or student pays a fee of 26$.
  • The camping fees range from Ksh 150- Ksh 250 for Kenyan citizens depending on their choice of camp. Non-Kenyan citizens pay a fee ranging from 15$ – 35$.
  • Game drive vehicles around the park range from a fee of Ksh 500- Ksh 5000 depending on the carrying capacity.
  • The horse riding fee is Ksh 1030 for a private horse while those belonging to KWS charge Ksh 2585 per day.
  • The walking safaris charge is Ksh 1500.
  • Cycling per day is Ksh 215.
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