A list of best girls’ names and their meanings.

Girls names

Girls’ names are categorized with their origin and meaning. Choosing a girl’s name that is lovely and rare for your baby girl feels good.  Below is a list of beautiful baby names for girls. It has popular names that sound pretty.

Best girls’ names

  1. Abigail-a  Hebrew name meaning the father’s joy.

2. Alessia-Italian name meaning a defending warrior.

3. Alice-an an English name that means noble or kind.

4. Amara– This is a Latin one meaning Strong, attractive, or stylish.

5. Amelia– German —name meaning Industrious or striving.

6. Anne– is a  Hebrew name meaning Favored grace.

7. Arabella– A Latin name that means Lovely or elegant.

8. Arianna– is a Greek name meaning Holy.

9. Avery– a French name meaning Wise.

10. Claire– is a Latin name that means Bright, clear,  famous, or brilliant.

11. Cora- a Greek name meaning Filled heart.

12. Darlene– an English name meaning  Darling or loved one.

13. Della– a German name meaning Noble or bright.

14. Diana- a Latin name that means Moon, goddess.

Beautiful girls' names

15. Eleanor– a Greek one that means Bright, shining one or sun rays.

16. Ella-an  English name meaning Light, the beautiful fairy woman.

17. Eva– a Hebrew name that means Life.

18. Faye- a French name that means Loyalty, confidence, trust, or belief.

19. Gabriella– a Hebrew name that means Devoted to God.

20. Grace-a Latin name that means Goodness or generosity.

21. Hannah– a Hebrew name that means Favor or grace of God.

22. Isabelle– a Hebrew name that means God is my strength or devotion to God.

23. Jocelyn- a Latin one that means Happy or joyful.

24. Kaitlyn- a Greek name that means Pure.

25. Layla– an Egyptian name meaning Dark beauty.

26. Mackenzie– a Gaelic name meaning a Child of the wise leader.

27. Malia- a  Hawaiian name meaning Beloved.

28. Mila- a Russian one meaning Industrious or hardworking.

29. Millie- a Latin name meaning Freeborn, strength, or determination.

30. Naila- an Arabic name meaning Successful.

31. Nora- a Greek name meaning Shining light.

32. Samantha– a  Hebrew which means Listener.

33. Sarah– a Hebrew name meaning Princess.

34. Vivian– a  Latin name meaning Full of life.

35. Zahra– an Arabic one meaning flower.

36. Zoe- a Greek one meaning Life.

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